Choosing a Therapist

The process of choosing therapy can be stressful.  Lots of different thoughts can bubble up to the surface:

  • I shouldn’t need help.
  • How do I pick a therapist?
  • What if I don’t like the therapist?
  • Can I afford this?

These questions can keep you stuck and stop you from getting the support you need.  The first thing for you to know, though, is that it’s actually very healthy to get help when you need it.

I shouldn’t need help.

Everyone needs help sometimes.  Even the president has a bunch of advisors and support staff.  It’s wise to seek help when you need it.

How do I pick a therapist?

Whether you get referrals from a trusted friend or find a therapist online, it’s important to try get a sense of their style in order to see if it’s a match for yours.  Check out their website.  See if you can get a sense of their personality and how they work.  The best measure will be how you feel when you’re speaking to them on the phone or in person.  Remember, even if you choose to meet with a therapist, if you decide that the fit doesn’t seem right, you have no commitment to return for a second visit.

What if I don’t like the therapist?

If you don’t like a therapist right off the bat then that’s a very good indication that they aren’t the therapist for you.  Trust your instincts!

Can I afford this?

In the grand scheme of things, your emotional well-being is the most important thing in your life. You’re worth investing in.  However, if there are financial realities stopping you, we can look into whether you receive out-of-network benefits from your insurance company or I can offer community referrals.


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