Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is time spent devoted to your emotional wellbeing.  Psychotherapy begins with learning about the emotions that you’re currently experiencing.  Next we look for clues as to what might be stirring up these feelings. After gaining an understanding of what is troubling you, we will work through these issues together to move you to a happier, more peaceful state of wellbeing.

individual therapy

The client leads the counseling sessions by choosing what feels right for them to talk about. I will provide understanding, insight and possibly new perspectives to help you cope with overwhelming thoughts or emotions.

Many clients have the belief that it’s the therapist’s job is to make them feel better.  There are two misconceptions in that belief.  First, that the therapist alone has the power to  create that transformation.  In actuality, therapy is a joint effort between a client and the therapist.  We can’t do it without you.

Second, that the sole purpose of therapy is to feel better. 

While the ultimate goal of therapy may be to feel better, the immediate goal is simply to feel.  As a matter of fact, it’s the avoidance of feelings that often leads to substance abuse, depression or anger issues.  Consequently, I create a therapeutic environment for clients to safely feel their sometimes uncomfortable or even painful feelings.  In the moment you may not “feel better.”

Ultimately, the ability to accept and tolerate your strong emotions is far more beneficial in the long run than simply feeling better in the moment.  In addition, you will have gained the ability to tolerate intense emotions in the future.


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