My First Meetup

meetup2On Wednesday night, I hosted my first Meetup through my new Meetup group “San Fernando Valley Personal Growth Group.”  This was a lecture/discussion meetup where I led a discussion based on my blog post: “Thinking Your Way Back to Okay.”

Of course, I was a little apprehensive.  Like most people, I feel a little anxiety whenever I’m embarking on a new experience.  That anxiety was increased by my responsibility to the group.  I not only wanted to have a good time, but I wanted everyone else to enjoy the experience also.

I had never done a Meetup before but I was very impressed by the concept.  A bunch of strangers gather to engage in an activity that interests them.  How cool is that?  These Meetups contradict the naysayers who declare that society is becoming more isolated because of our reliance on our devices and the internet.  Here, the internet is bringing people together!   I already knew that whoever showed up for this event was a courageous and proactive person.

We started out as strangers and within that hour and a half were able to see the humanity in each other.  It seems to me that the more people I meet, the more I engage with others and get to see even the slightest degree below the surface of their personalities, the more I appreciate them and feel connected to the world at large.

I was left with the feeling, “Most people are nice.”  That’s a good feeling to carry around.

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