Mindfulness and the Weather

It’s a beautiful day in Southern California.  But nice weather isn’t rare here.  There’s something about today’s weather that caught my attention; something different, something new, a gentle breeze containing a hint of the cool weather to come, the cool weather we’ve been waiting for after this long hot summer.

Noticing the weather, which is always present, often ignored, is a form of mindfulness.  The two extremes: love and hate get our attention.  I hate this heat!  I love this breeze!  But in between love and hate are many days of unobtrusive, unobjectionable pleasantness.  As in many other aspects of our lives, when things are fine, they go unnoticed.

So, I appreciate the breeze; waking me up and bringing my attention to it’s comfortable embrace, bringing my attention to the blue sky and the numerous shades of green on my street and my gratitude for existence.


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