You know when something is troubling your child.  Perhaps they seem angry all the time or they’re having difficulty making friends.  Maybe you’ve seen them go from a happy-go-lucky child to a sad and withdrawn child.  Your love and support doesn’t seem to be enough to help them return to their former wellbeing.  It is courageous and caring to consider getting them outside help.

child therapy

As a child therapist, I use games and art to help your child express what is troubling them.  What can be challenging is that often children don’t have the emotional language skills to clearly identify what’s wrong.  They also might not have the intellectual capacity to correctly make sense of their experiences.  I help children learn the language of emotions, so that we can process the thoughts and feelings that they’ve been having.  Together we discover the thoughts that lie at the core of their suffering and develop those thoughts in a positive direction.

Children are designed to grow and thrive.  Removing the obstacles to their emotional growth at an early age can set them up for life.


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