When to take your child to therapy


You know when something is troubling your child.  Perhaps they seem angry all the time or they’re having difficulty making friends.  Possibly you’re relationship with your child is becoming strained because you’re having a hard time dealing with their upsetting behavior.  If you or your child are struggling, child therapy can help.

child therapy

Child therapy is play therapy


Play therapy is a way for a child to express themselves and work through their problems.  A non-judgmental play environment allows the child to freely express themselves in the language of play.  Sometimes the language of play gets translated into words and the child has a greater capacity to put their feelings into words.  But even if the play stays non-verbal, the process is the same.  The child is facing their inner selves and progressing through the encounter.  The philosophy of play therapy hinges on human being’s natural instinct towards growth.



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