Relationship Problems

relationship problems

Marriage Counseling

Occasionally, fights and conflict within a relationship or marriage are a fact of life.  But when the conflicts in your relationship are threatening your happiness and stability, it may be time to seek help. Most relationship problems are caused, at least in part, by communication difficulties.  I can help you and your partner improve your communication with each other.  Better communication will help you negotiate with your partner so that you both can get your needs met in the relationship.  Counseling can also identify and address specific issues like anger, money, sex, parenting, infidelity, or household duties.  If you and your partner are considering divorce, counseling can help you reach an informed decision together.


premarital counseling


Premarital Counseling

It can be very beneficial to seek counseling with a therapist prior to getting married.  Premarital counseling can set you up for success by allowing you and your partner to work through any major differences and define reasonable and healthy expectations for your marriage.






family therapy


Family Therapy

Families deal with all kinds of issues such as blending families after divorce, grief and loss, substance abuse or anger. Sometimes the best option is to bring the whole family together to work through the problem.  Family therapy is an opportunity for everyone to get a better understanding of the needs of each other.  Family counseling focuses on improving listening, communicating and negotiating.


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